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Sliced breads come standard with a 20 count usable slice thickness. The sourdough loaf has the option for a 16 count thick 3/4 slice.

Sourdough Stubby
Sourdough Fishermans Wharf
Corn Rye Stubby
White Round Top
Multigrain Stubby
Dark Sweet Wheat Stubby
Marble Rye Stubby

Buns and Rolls

Golden Dinner Roll
Wheat Dinner Roll
Rosemary Dinner Roll
French Dinner Roll
Dark Sweet Wheat Dinner Roll
Golden Bun Sliced
Golden Lobster Roll

Sub Rolls and Baguettes

6 Inch French Roll
10 Inch French Roll
12 Inch French Roll
24 Inch French Baguette
1.5lb French Baguette